“Right,” Holden said. “No coffee. This is a terrible, terrible planet.”

James S.A. Corey, Cibola Burn


A Blog of my photography.

From when I started taking photo’s, until now.

Updated weekly or monthly.

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My collection.

Mostly photos of our dog Mint and other dogs we encounter.


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… where my interest in photography really sparked.

Daily new pictures can be found here.

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Some information we like to share.



But not to much 😉

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Welcome on Jan@

A collection of my photos.
Older pictures from when I just got my first DSLR until now.

This Blog will be updated from time to time with new photo series.

I’m still learning WordPress, so we’ll be changing the site ‘on the fly’.

Hope you will enjoy the pictures.

From Our Blog

Take a look at our pictures.

Our family

  • I’m currently using a Nikon D3300, still my first DSLR.
    The older pictures are taken with the 18-105 Nikon kitt lens.
    A few months ago I purchased a Nikon 70-300 VR f/4,5 – 5,6G AF-S lens.
    Recently I added a Nikon 50mm f/1.8 G lens to the collection.

    I’m planning on upgrading to the Nikon D7300… if it gets released before next summer 🙂

  • Mint is our male Pomeranian dog, born 15 august 2012.
    He’s our first dog and we adore him.
    He goes to doggy-school, is good in agility and fairly obedient.
    He does not like little children though…

  • Pictures of our cat Poes.
    She’s almost 6 years old now.
    We got here from an animal shelter. She was just a very young kitten abandoned there.
    Here actual name is Isis, named after the Egyptian goddess. But she only responds when you call here Poes (dutch for cat)

  • I’m Jan, a computer hardware/software enthusiast with an art education. But with no real special training in photography or the Adobe software suites.

    I work as an ICT coördinator for 5 schools.

  • Mieke is our photo assistant 🙂

    She works for DCA as a Custumor Guide for people buying new homes.

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